By Jackie Dives

The Central Valley Greenway is an all-levels ride that takes you from Vancouver all the way to New Westminster. It’s mostly flat, separated from most vehicle traffic, and it’s easy to detour off for some hidden food gems. The more experienced you are, the more leisurely your food (and beer) stops will be along the way!

Tractor is on the corner of 4th Ave and Cypress.

Starting at Olympic Village in Vancouver, the food options are plentiful. Tractor is a fresh, healthy, leafy, crispy, hot or cold flavourful option at a good price point. They have salads and sandwich combos that are actually worth buying for both components full of favourites like grilled avocado, various protein options of the veggie and non-veggie variety, nuts, seeds, and cheeses. They are licensed, and also have kombucha on tap.  

Is that seared tuna? Yup! Put some of that on your salad and eat it.
Get your salad to go and eat it on the water.

Alternatively, Terra Breads is nearby if you just need a snack. Hit up Tap and Barrel for beers with a view, and Mario’s Gelato if you need a cold treat.

R&B is very bike-friendly.

Just up the street a couple of blocks is one of my favourite local breweries, R&B Brewing, both for their beer and for their scrumptious pizza.

Beer flights are the way to go at R&B.

I tend to be a fan of loading a pizza with all the toppings but, I’ve gotta say, that their margarita pizza does something for me that other pizzas just don’t do. I wake up craving this pizza. Bike-friendly, with many lock up spots, and a patio if it’s sunny, this is a great bike-to location.

The craving-inducing margarita pizza at R&B.
There are lots of sharable snacks for you and you bicycle buddy.
A patio too, of course!

If it’s crowded, grab a growler for later, such as their “Dude Chilling Park” beer. The actual Dude Chilling Park is just across Main on 7th Ave and is a lively local spot to take a break on a sunny day. (Make sure to take your photo with the sign.)

Next up, we hit the path eastwards past the train station towards Commercial Drive! 

This is part of a 3-part series.

Part 2: Vancouver to Burnaby
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